Hello Nerd!

We are all computer science nerdz, right?

For sure you know what are research papers. I am sure that you have read a couple of those related to computer science. If you are carefully watching that community, you are aware of the idea called PapersWeLove.

If not - don’t worry, I will explain: it is a repository of academic computer science papers and a community who loves reading them.

We would like to do exactly the same thing as a part of Functional Miners community. We would like to once in 2 months meet together for a talk about one particular research paper and facilitate discussion about that topic. It is a great idea to get familiar with something new, and maybe even change your career direction. Those meetings will be interleaved with Functional Miners events.

Why we have not created a new chapter/user group? Because our Silesian community is already too fragmented, and spawning another group will not help. But we are open to any participants - no matter the programming language or paradigm you like. In the end, we are all computer scientists, right?

Below you can find our official logo. If you are interested and would like to give a talk, please reach out to us via our contact form or directly to the one of the organizers.

Do you like PapersWeLove? Stay tuned! ;)
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