Functional Miners #11

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Title: Boilerplate Free2 Algebras with Freestyle

Abstract: Programming with Free monads introduces a lot of boilerplate and accidental complexity when it comes to our designed type system. I will show you how to tame this problem with use of Freestyle ( in Scala.

Lech Glowiak
Lech Glowiak

Bio: Running family man, Scala developer at Scalac.

Title: Ethereum

Abstract: Introduction to the Ethereum - what is it, where it lies when it comes to cryptocurrency market and how it differs from typical solutions in that space, and most importantly how it leverages blockchain. Everything sprinkled by my personal opinions and experiences.

Tomasz Waszczyk (<em>Panta Rhei</em>)
Tomasz Waszczyk (Panta Rhei)

Bio: Computer Science by training and programmer - currently working with public transport and fintech.

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