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Title: Raft Consensus Algorithm

Abstract: To meet the growing expectations of availability and efficiency of our services, we tend to design and launch them in a distributed environment. It's simple for stateless applications, but for the others we have to reach a 'consensus' - multiple processes need to agree on the overall state. On this presentation I will talk about the publication 'In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm', that describes the Raft algorithm, and how it can be used as a starting point to solve advanced problems in a distributed environment.

Marius Rejdak
Marius Rejdak

Bio: Python developer and self-taught sysadmin. Experienced in a lot of environments - from corporate outsourcing to product focused startups. Fascinated with the DevOps movement tries to automate every repeatable process and make the gap between administration and development tighter. Privately large supporter of Linux and FLOSS.

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