Functional Miners #13

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Title: Comparing imperative and functional approaches in Swift

Abstract: This talk compares the imperative and functional solutions to process some JSON data. That includes code comparison, but also CPU and memory comparison on an iPhone - everything using the Swift programming language.

Zsombor Nagy
Zsombor Nagy

Bio: I graduated as a computer engineer from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, then I was working for several years in academia on distributed storage solutions (in Python and C++). Then as a freelancer I was working for small unsuccessful startups (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Clojure). Nowadays I'm mostly working on educational games (Unity 3D, C#) and iOS apps for graphic design (Objective-C, Swift).

Title: FP vs. OOP

Abstract: Object-oriented programming and functional programming are always presented as completely different approaches. In my presentation I will present basics and standard patterns in both paradigms to give an answer to question whether they are so different or not really.

Andrzej Kopec
Andrzej Kopec

Bio: I am a seasoned JavaScript developer trying different paradigms and approaches to problem solving. Experiments with variety of languages only makes these tries more often and unpredictable. As newbie Scala developer I can verify all my experiences in a completely new environment.

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