Functional Miners 05.2019

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Title: From \x.x to Facebook

Abstract: Sometimes we seem not to recognize nor appreciate most atomic aspects which are the fundamentals of today's systems and toolsets that we use every day. In case of programming languages among aforementioned aspects are functions - defined in mathematics in XIX century and soon to have been used by a mathematician and logician Alonzo Church in his research on foundations of mathematics. Alonzo's work 'equipped' us with a universal model of computation - called Lambda Calculus. We will learn its rules and see how such simple model based on function abstraction have impacted todays programming languages and computer science in general.

Andrzej Spiess
Andrzej Spiess

Bio: iOS Software Engineer at DAZN

Title: Functional Programming in the Wild

Abstract: Functional Programming is not pragmatic. Functional Programming is slow. Functional Programming cannot be used in real applications. Let's bust some myths together and discuss when and where it makes sense!

Wojciech Gawronski
Wojciech Gawronski

Bio: Software Engineer and Cloud Architect


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