Functional Miners 11.2019

  • Erlang
  • Distributed Systems
  • Health
  • RabbitMQ


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Title: How to find a Blue Zone behind a desk? How to work better and live longer.

Abstract: They say that “sitting is the new smoking”. Some researchers even say that prolonged sitting is worse than smoking and at the same time sitting is every programmer’s bread and butter. Is acceptance of these facts the only thing we can do? What about saying NO to the sedentary world and start working more effectively, without pain and at the same time stay healthy and live longer...

In this presentation I’ll say about main ingredient of longevity, a few facts on how our spine functions and about issues brought by “the new smoking”. I’ll also make an attempt to answer a question: what to do to survive in the sitting world.

In an hour we won’t quit smoking but it’s enough time to broaden horizons and get inspired to start caring more about our body that we chain to our desks for long hours.

Alicja Mentel
Alicja Mentel

Bio: Physiotherapist

Title: How microservices talk to each other? Can RabbitMQ help them to talk more effectively?

Abstract: In the microservices architecture there’s a need for communication between the services. The communication can be based on different patterns depending on the needs.

This presentation will be an overview of the micro services integration patterns and will attempt to answer the question when and why RabbitMQ will be good choice for implementing some of these patterns.

Szymon Mentel
Szymon Mentel

Bio: Erlang/Elxir Consultant and Trainer

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